Dr. Leesa Haire
Registered Pharmacist
Certified Bioene
rgetics Practitioner
Doctorate of Naturopathy

Sick & Tired
Of Being Sick & Tired,
.... & don't know why?

Do you experience all or any of the following symptoms:
Fatigue......... Pain ......Weight Gain ......Susceptibility to Illness?


LIFETREE HEALTH & HERBS introduces Dr. Leesa Haire, a Naturopath and Registered Pharmacist, who uses cutting-edge technology to show you exactly where your body is stressed and what your body needs to supports its perfect health.

Leesa uses Limbic Stress Analysis (LSA), the computerized Stress Assessment System, which is the newest in biofeedback technology, allowing your body to identify its own needs. LSA is a noninvasive analysis of your body's personal stress profile. This system helps her to design a program that fits your unique needs. Addressing these needs accelerates healing because she focuses on those treatments to which your body responds best, saving you time and money.

While using LSA, your cells communicate with the ZYTO Biofeedback Computer, using technology that makes it possible to 'eavesdrop' and listen to the conversation of your body. This is accomplished by monitoring the changes in galvanic skin response, or GSR. Like a lie-detector test you can't get a wrong answer. The test uses computer software and quantum science to ask (non-verbally) the body hundreds of questions to find-out what makes the body stronger or weaker. It's absolutely one of the best tests anywhere to determine allergies. After all, beneath most illness, there is something that made the body weaker in the first place and you need to know what that is.

LSA is painless. You simply put your hands on two hand cradles and let the computer do the work. Even children can be tested.

While a healthy, balanced body has the capacity to deal with all stressors, an overtaxed or overstressed system eventually experiences difficulty in pushing back. The result of this can be fatigue, pain, weight gain, and susceptibility to illness. At this point, intervention can support the body and help it restore balance.

The question is, "What options will best help you regain balance?" There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Because every body is unique, the best solution for one person may not work well for another, even though their general symptoms are the same. But LSA uses techniques which give Leesa the opportunity to inquire directly and tailor an approach fitted to you, the client. The process is quick, clinically proven, and compelling for you to increase the probability for greater health.

For more information, visit her website at: www.doctorleesa.com

Tests: Saliva Tests, Comprehensive Thyroid Test, Blood Spot IodineTest

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