Smart Move Colon Cleanse

Tips for a Successful Colon Cleanse

Increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables. This is an important source of dietary fiber that should not be neglected. Have at least one raw fruit or vegetable about 20 minutes before a meal and they make great snacks!

Fill a gallon jug with water with the amount of water you should consume each day. (To calculate your water needs, take your body weight and divide by two. The resulting number will be the number of ounces of water your body needs for daily maintenance.) It is a great idea to drink some water about 20 minutes before a meal. Make sure that you empty your jug before you go to bed.

Drink very little water (or other beverage) during your meal. Drink small sips and chew your food slowly and thoroughly. By doing these things, you will allow the saliva in your mouth to begin the digestion process. Drinking too much dilutes the saliva and eating too fast does not allow it to do its job.

Walk, walk, walk. Begin with short manageable distances and increase the distance little by little as you feel more comfortable. This will help with elimination as well as many other health concerns.

Exercise is a good habit to get into!

Smart Move Colon Cleanse Suggested Usage

Smart Move 1
Bowel Stimulant
Suggested Usage:
Begin by taking one capsule daily with your evening meal to keep the body's primary elimination channels open. Increase by adding one capsule with each meal until you obtain and maintain 3 bowel movements per day. Decrease capsules accordingly if you experience diarrhea. Continue using Smart Move 1 the entire time you are on the Smart Move Cleansing Program.

Smart Move 2
Intestinal Cleanser
Suggested Usage:
Take 8 (eight) capsules 2-4 times daily for 10 or more days during the colon cleanse. Continue taking Smart Move 1 to maintain 3 bowel movements daily during the colon cleanse.

Smart Move ParaTox
Parasite Eliminator

Suggested Usage:
As a herbal dietary supplement, take 1 dropful 2-3 times daily in juice or water 20 minutes before meals. Use this product for ten days during cleansing. Do not take this supplement if you are pregnant or lactating.